When Baccarat was first introduced back in the 1400s, there was a single version of the game. As it became more popular, three major versions of the game have been developed and these remain the most popular games played today. These versions each have different game options, though the basic rules of the game remain the same. With these three versions of baccarat, players can decide how much involvement they have with the game and the dealing of cards. All basic baccarat rules are followed with each game version, so once players master one, they will be able to enjoy all versions when playing in a casino setting. It will be up to the player to choose the version that they enjoy best and this will determine whether they have a chance to deal or shuffle the cards. Punto Banco When playing Punto Banco, players can play at a large table or a mini table. This is the most popular version of baccarat played today and it is played with four top six decks of cards. The main difference between the mini and big table versions is that the dealer will deal all cards based on a set of rules. At the mini tables, players will only be able to bet on the three betting options.

Baccarat Variations

When playing at the big table, as many as 14 players can be active and the dealer will do all the shuffling. However, the dealing will be done by each player at the table. The player that is dealing will have to follow croupier rules and will pass the shoe if they have placed a losing bet on the game. Baccarat Chemin de Fer This version of baccarat will provide players the chance to be more involved with the game. Each player at the table will have the ability to shuffle and deal the cards. The dealing with this version is a bit different than with Punto Banco, the most popular version. With Chemin de Fer, players with the largest bet on the table will have the chance to see face down cards while all other players at the table will have to wait for the game outcome. This version of the game is the only one where players will have a choice of whether they will take an additional card. This is the least played version of baccarat and it is not a common one to find in casino settings. Baccarat Banque This version of the game is quite similar to Chemin de Fer but one player will always remain the dealer and banker for the shoe. The drawing and turning of the cards remain the same. To determine who will be the banker, the table croupier will choose the player with the largest wager or the first player located to their right at the table. This version of the game is often played with fewer decks than Punto Banco or Chemin de Fer. You may also want to check these: Online Baccarat Tips Live Baccarat How to Play Baccarat Baccarat Variations History of Baccarat

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