As with any card gaming activity blackjack has due to its popularity spawned numerous blackjack variations that still follow the basic blackjack rules just with a few kinks thrown in the mix, some have reached such incredible levels of popularity that even turn into fully fledged casino games of their own. The eight variants discussed below are just some of the more popular twists and turns on the basic rule set. Bonus Blackjack Possibly offers one of the easiest to understand to anyone familiar with the standard game, since it follows exactly the same rules depending on the same basic strategies that make the standard game profitable. This variant utilises two decks of cards and offer a unique bonus structure inherent to the game, which in turn encourages larger bets. Blackjack Switch Represents one of the newer variants, patented in 2009 by Geoff Hall, it already gained a massive following, which quickly made it available in numerous casinos both on and off-line. It fulfils the demands of those favouring video poker style plays. However, this variant offers a considerably higher house edge than the standard game.

Blackjack Variations | Most Popular Forms of Blackjack

Chinese Blackjack Became popular primarily in Asia and follows the same basic rule set as its Americanised cousin, with the main differences being its utilisation of just two decks and the switching of dealers as needed. Furthermore, an ace’s value remains dependent on the number of cards the player accepts, and contains a five-card trick comparable to Pontoon. This variant arose to address the difficulties of playing according to casino rules when played between friends and families. Double Blackjack More commonly recognized by the name Double Attack Blackjack is another relatively new variant, mostly made available in land-based casinos since 2010 around Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The rule set follows that of Spanish 21, but offers additional side bets. Double Exposure Blackjack The game derives its name from the rules that determine both the dealer cards must remain visible to all players around the table.

This rule provides the player with a decided advantage; however, other rule designs are in place to once again level the playing field. European Blackjack A design purely created to make a professional card counter’s job more difficult, here dealers may not take a peek at their hidden card and in addition most splitting is allowed on fours, fives, or tens and the eight decks are reshuffled between each round. Elimination Blackjack Remains popular around casinos in Las Vegas, it offers a knock out style play where players do not play against the dealer but instead are required to knock each other out to become «the last man standing» at the table. It can be considered hybrid between Texas hold ‘em poker and blackjack and has become a favourite with professional gamblers wanting to test their skills in a contest against others. Free Bet Blackjack Another creation of Geoff Hall, who amongst other achievements have become famous for his creation of interesting blackjack variations, with Blackjack Switch being another one of his designs. It offers free doubling down and free splits.