Blackjack has been a very controversial game. A lot of people think that they can be the game with certain algorithms and formulas that will give them the upper hand against the dealer. There have been plenty of stories about these kinds of experiences where people have been able to win big in Blackjack because they have found the key to beating the game. People have also made moey by making Blackjack books and strategy guides to teach the new players or the beginners of the game some strategies so that they can start winning some money. Although it has been done before, there is really no sure way to win in the game of Blackjack all the time. It still needs a certain degree of luck to guess right on whether a player should hit, stay or double the best to win more money. Every casino that you will find surely has current blackjack news.

Current Blackjack News

It is a game that is loved by many because of the challenge that it provides and the pressure that the players get when playing it. If you are in a country outside the US though, you might find it hard to find a Blackjack table because some countries adopt a variation of Blackjack which is called Pontoon. Pontoon, which is also known as Spanish Blackjack, is preferred by a few casinos over the world because it reduces the chances of losing. Pontoon was designed to benefit the casino because it does not have tens in the deck, which reduces the number of high cards significantly. One thing that makes Pontoon different is the way the cards are given, it is very difficult to count cards in Pontoon as there are cards that get burned unlike the continuous play of Blackjack. This requires a person to rely on luck so much more because they do not have an accurate count on the cards. The way the dealer plays is also different in Pontoon. The dealer in blackjack stays even with a soft 17 but the dealer in Pontoon is allowed to hit. In general it is more difficult to beat the dealer with Pontoon but it has better bonuses for special cards too. There are some instances where a 1:1 pay out in Blackjack can have a 1:1.5 payout in Pontoon because of the more challenging rules. You can try out the game now to see the difference and do not forget to try to not be greedy. Current Blackjack News

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